Thursday, August 23, 2007

USAT Rankings

I was just informed that I'm currently ranked as the # 1 overall AG Triathlete in New England. Pretty cool! Check out the rankings HERE. Make sure to ONLY enter "New England" in the region scroll down box and "Male" in the gender scroll down box.

I'm not going to worry about maintaining my position, but I wouldn't mind if I stayed on top of the charts through season's end! A couple more top performances at the Nutmeg State Half on 9/23 and 70.3 Worlds on 11/10 wouldn't hurt, that's for sure!


Uli said...

Hi there. I have a really random question: Are you related to Corey Ricci-Munn? Nice job at Timberman btw!

JRM said...

He's my brother! Corey lived out there 1 summer about 6 or 7 years ago and he also has been there a few times for business related matters.

How do you know him?