Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the Road Again

I'll make it quick...

I'm running again. Knock on wood but it's been 3 weeks of gradual build up and the knee is only getting better and better. Laid down a good 7 miler yesterday with NO pain and only minimal discomfort/tightness.

Looks like this may have been an IT band related issue all along, as I've been stretching the hell out of that bastard with a foam roller before every workout and doing so has made a big difference.

This is good.

Super busy with the Gloucester tri preparations/meetings but that's a good thing. We're really cooking with gas and I'm still in a semi-state of disbelief that we're actually going to have a big time sprint event in the heart of Gloucester in less than 9 months. That'll be a dream come true.

Lots of good stuff happening, but I'll save that post for after the holiday season.

Oh, and Max, if you're reading this: Believe it or not, but the "break" allowed me some time to think more about next year and I agree that it's time. Just have to figure out which race to hit.

Happy Holidays.