Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

Well, the legs are already rolling again after Sunday's dismal showing. I was clipping along nicely during this morning's run. Soreness aside, I'm actually feeling pretty sharp. Good signs for sure heading into this coming weekend.

I'm starting to realize that my system was indeed pretty bogged down after my 2+ month hiatus from the racing scene. Though I didn't have much fun the other day, it looks like I really needed the race. Hopefully it'll be enough to wake my system back up before Sunday (Timberman).

My forced down time, and the accompanying lack of race sharpness, really underscored the importance of racing fairly frequently once you've established a high degree of event specific fitness. With fall fast approaching, I find myself scrambling to make up for lost time! I've spent so many months focusing upon getting into shape that I want to put all this hard fought fitness to good use.

Looking forward, I have tentatively decided that I will most likely NOT be returning to Clearwater 70.3 in mid November. If I do remain amateur for the rest of '07, I just don't see the point in spending well over $1,000 to enter/travel to what proved to be a draft-legal long course event last year. I was so disappointed with the mass drafting issue that I've simply lost the desire to attend this year's 70.3 worlds. I am in no way faulting the athletes in attendance at last year's event, I just feel that the course profile (flat, narrow roads), coupled with the athletes on hand (they're all pretty fast) lends itself to peleton style bike riding. That's not my idea of a true test.

However... there's still plenty of action to be had. I'm really looking forward to the inaugural Nutmeg State Half Iron Triathlon on 9/23, especially with the field that is being assembled! I'm hoping for a fast day and great competition.

In addition, after hearing the horror stories, I find myself becoming more and more intrigued with a small, yet insanely challenging duathlon in rural New York: American Zofingen. Check it out @ http://www.americanzofingen.racesonline.com/

The venue: A 5 mile x-c trail run immediately followed by an 84 mile bike (road) through mountainous terrain, and a second, "slightly" more challenging 15 mile trail run.

Man. That sounds like one hell of a challenge to me. I might have to throw my hat into the ring. Call me nuts, but in addition to providing some long lasting memories, "AZ," as it's becoming known, might also serve as a perfect tune up for I.M. Florida should that race be in the cards for me this year...

For the time being though, I've got to stay loose; there'll be plenty of action coming my way in just 5 days time!


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