Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm feeling too lazy to post anything about my race today, so check out Michelle's blog if you'd like the story (and some pics!)

I had a good day, but what I'm super pumped about was the day that a bunch of my athletes had, both at Pumpkinman and across the country!

For starters... Crystal won (again) and is quickly emerging as a tremendous force to be reckoned with here in New England. She LAID IT DOWN on the bike, putting 8 - 10 minutes into her main competition on that leg. Since it was an out and back run course, I had a front row seat to the "C-Rock" show and she most certainly rocked the house.

Dawn and Greg Guarriello had great days, with Dawn taking home a new PR for the Half distance and Greg following suit. One of my newest athletes, Maris DiTolla also landed herself a nice 20 min. PR so that was pretty cool too! I can't wait to see how all three of these athletes do at IMFL in about 2 months time!

Franco Zuccoli took home an AG win at the Pman sprint on Saturday. This was Franco's 2nd AG win this season. Not bad for a former MMA fighter!

Out in New York, Dereck Treadwell placed 2nd overall in the "Toughman" 1/2 IM (and tells me that it was the HARDEST course he's ever taken on).

Dave Smith took 3rd overall in an Olympic distance event down in VA. He's certainly on track for a great performance in Clearwater.

Allegra Parisi was second overall at a sprint tri (tune up for Cancun 70.3 in 1 week's time!!!) in Miami on Saturday.

And last but not least, Quinn Borchard and Scott Hersey had solid races out in CA. Both of these fellas threw up some solid numbers and will be ready to roll at Clearwater as well.

A big "hats off" to RD Kat Donatello for the OUTSTANDING job she did with this year's Pumpkinman Triathlon Festival. If you haven't raced at Pumpkinman, yet, you have MISSED OUT. Full on Thanksgiving Dinner post race? Awesome course? Incredibly helpful volunteers? What more could you ask for? Nice work Kat!


the rational man said...

I am very impressed, neighbor

the rational man said...

I am very impressed, neighbor


donna furse said...

what's your next race, can't wait? Are you doing Texas Longhorn?