Sunday, September 20, 2009

Results Keep Rolling In

Looks like we had another GREAT day...

Still awaiting official results, but initial reports indicate that Allegra Parisi took the overall amateur title and placed well within the top 10 overall (including pros) at Cancun 70.3

This race is run under brutal conditions, and I hear that temps reached 100+ degrees with HIGH humidity.

If Allegra did in fact take the "W" this would be the 2nd overall amateur 70.3 victory turned in by one of my women so far this year. Couple that fact with the flurry of podium and overall victories that the ladies have been turning in this year, and I think it's safe to say that the "girls" have been showing the guys HOW IT'S DONE in '09! I can't wait for the official results.

In CT, Evan Barry finished 2nd overall at the "hillacious" Nutmeg Half Ironman! This was a great result for Evan and I couldn't be happier with the way he raced (rolling the dice and going for the win vs. playing things conservatively).

Down in VA, Dave Smith and Joel Myers tore it up, going 1st and 4th overall/respectively in a pretty competitive short course event. Dave's power was just through the roof today and he was solid on all 3 fronts. Thing are looking very, very good as we gear up for Clearwater.

Speaking of which, Michelle and I booked our tickets today. We'll have a small army racing in Clearwater Beach this year and I expect GREAT things! I'm really looking forward to supporting everyone and watching the action unfold.

Update on Allegra as soon as results are posted.

9/21 Update: Official Cancun 70.3 results are in and looks like Allegra was actually 2nd overall amateur (a woman in the AG above her beat her out, time wise, by 2 min!) and 8th woman overall including pros. Not too shabby!

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