Friday, May 15, 2009

My New Steed

It's been 14 years since I spent much time on a MTB (Mountain bike racing is what led me into the world of triathlon back in 1995) but man oh man is it nice to be back! Don't get me wrong; I won't be trading my 70.3/IM focus in for Xterra anytime soon, but it's nice to get back to my "roots" and add a bit of variety into the mix by getting off road 1 - 2 x per week.

Thanks to Seaside Cycle in Manchester MA for setting me up with the latest addition to my 2 wheeled "family" (although I parted ways with my old Cervelo P2k to help finance my new steed).

Awesome ride tonight; 2 hours of singletrack with only 1 significant crash to speak of. Over to the TT course tomorrow for some extensive 70.3 pace work. I commited to Timberman today (couldn't pass up on the opportunity to mix it up with the field Keith Jordan has assembled) but REALLY hope that I can bring my fitness up to par so that I can join the fray at RI 70.3 in 2 months time...

The fire has returned!

p.s. The Gary Fisher "Paragon" is a 29er; I can't get over how much more effective the bigger wheels are. I'm easily traversing the same singletrack that use to force me to dismount and run over a decade ago...

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