Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fired Up

Man... nothing gets me more fired up than watching live results from 70.3 races. Florida 70.3 came to a close a few hours ago. I was tracking the tail end of the men's race as I waited for the rain to subside before I headed out for today's long run.

Pretty stacked field, with Santiago Ascenco from Brazil running his way up into 3rd place overall. Santiago is the the tough bastard who made my life miserable for a good 6 miles at Muskoka 70.3 last fall. Usually, when you pass someone mid way through the run they don't have the stones to up the ante, suffer and make a go to have at it and stick with you. Not the case with this kid. I had to hyperventalate through miles 7 - 11 on the Muskoka course before he finally popped and fell back. That was probably the most painful race of my life to date. Here's a pic from an epic day that I'll never forget:Anyway... I carried a little extra spark into my hilly 17 mile long run today, and passed through the 1/2 marathon mark in 1:22 without too much effort. Not bad considering I laid down a good block of training this week. Yesterday's set of pace intervals on the ECV course were executed at an avg. of 304 watts per 11.4 mile loop, so the form is starting to return. I'm about 2 months out from being ready to ROLL. Just have to make sure that I overhaul my shitty swim stroke before I pull the trigger and start racing long again.

Another good week in the bag. Time to eat and then start working on the house again.

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