Monday, May 26, 2008

Hay In The Barn

I celebrated the beginning of my Eagelman taper with an open water group swim (the usual crew: Julie, Beth and Mari) and some much needed R&R today.

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all, especially when your town is suddenly overrun by beach-going tourists!

Fortunately, I know of one of Cape Ann's best kept secrets: A tiny park, perched high above the sprawling Atlantic. Best of all, this pristine locale is almost completely obscured by lush vegetation and is so far off the beaten path that hardly anyone knows of it or ventures there. Today was no exception. I'll give you a hint on it's where-abouts: look past the peninsula and note the "twin" lights...

Anyway, what better way to relax than to leave the phone and laptop behind, grab a large Italian sub (with everything on it), a bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips, a root beer, (Amanda Russell is cringing right now) and, last but not least, Michelle, and head for the hills (hint #2).

After finishing off my meal, and half of Michelle's, we both enjoyed a mid afternoon nap in the shade and awoke to take stock in the fact that this was a taste of what's to come in just 4 week's time. I can't wait for summer!!!

Well, it's back to the grind tomorrow, but at least the training will be a bit easier for the next couple of weeks. Seems like just about 50% of my crew is hitting a half Ironman/70.3 event on June 8th, so we're all in this together; everyone is ready for taper time, and I'm no exception.

Hay is in the barn as they say, so nothing left to do now but rest up, sharpen up and get ready to roll. I can't wait for 6/8!


AJ said...

i was! and then I saw the comment. how funny.
tsk tsk...
but,...I confess. I was eating rootbeer flavored ice cream and turkey dogs this weekend! :)

JRM said...

You're just lucky that I left the donuts at home!