Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Double Whammy

It's always fun when the athletes you work with do well... especially when they take home top honors in the same race!

I'm very excited about the fact that both Matt Gentile and Kat Donatello took home the victories at this past weekend's Lowell Olympic Distance race.

Matt had a HUGE breakthrough performance and blew the race wide open on the bike. He bested the field by a large margin here (with 2nd fasted bike split going to fellow JRM athlete, and Kat's husband, Jeff Donatello) and went on to lay down a solid run. This is the performance that I've been waiting for Matt to drop for some time now as he has worked very hard this Spring/Summer and it looks like the hard work is paying off!

Kat, coming off of IM Austria just 1 month ago, took home her 2nd ever overall victory by recording a very well balanced and well executed race. Under instruction to "race aggressively" she went for it from the get-go and took the race by 4 seconds as a result.

Results for the race can be found here.

A great day for sure!

Hopefully more to come this weekend; it's Gloucester Triathlon Race Week!!!

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Wess said...

Hi Janda -
Looks like a beautiful day for a race Sunday!
All the best success to you and your crew for the 2nd Annual.
I hope to see you there - on the podium ;-)
In good health,
Paul Wessel
Sudbury, MA
AG 45-49