Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free Speed

The run project continues to net notable results! I met a major objective today by stepping out the door and averaging 6:00/mile pace on one of my standard training loops: An undulating 6.28 mile course that takes me out through Annisquam and back . 37:44 without having to push. Even better: This is only week 5 of the training progression so I'm just getting the ball rolling again (and still toting plenty of extra "chub-chub" around the midsection!) after having not run, or done much else for that matter, for about 6 months.

No knee or SI joint pain to speak of. After 2+ years dealing with that BS EVERY time I headed out to train or race, you could say that it's a major relief. I must have seen about 8 - 10 PTs, MTs, MDs etc. and nothing worked.

Three or four months ago I was ready to hang it all up and never run again. Now I get up and am excited to hit the roads every day!

Although I have no plans to race in 2010, this little side project has been a ton of fun. I'm now cruising at 70.3 race pace in easy training runs and feel better than ever. It's exciting to think about just how much faster I will run on race day if the motivation returns to cut back on work and refocus on racing. Overhauling my run mechanics has made an incredible improvement in my running economy. I used to kill myself to hold 5:45 - 5:55/mile pace in 70.3 events, but that pace is starting to feel like a comfortable steady state effort these days. It'll be exciting to see where things stand a year from now, especially if I decide to hit the circuit again.

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onelaw said...

Nice to know you are no longer in pain

Neighbor Bob