Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Struggle

Although "the struggle" to succeed is pretty much behind me now (I've got to admit that I'm pretty damn happy with with the way things stand these days and am more or less fully content across all fronts) I know full well that it's the process of rolling the dice, taking the path less traveled and chasing your dreams that can make life seem both incredibly hard yet incredibly rewarding at the same time. For some, it's the struggle that becomes the addiction... the ultimate high. Aspiring writers, artists, musicians, athletes, coaches, etc. ... they all can relate.

I came across this little gem on Youtube. Cool track by the artist Shing02 that more or less sums up the myriad of emotions that those who aim high and aspire to achieve greatness must deal with on a daily basis.

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April Bowling said...

That was totally unexpected and very cool. Funny how the human experience translates no matter what the medium...