Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Helping to organize and direct a race was about 10 x as hard as actually competing in one. I can't believe how much last week took out of me.

My training was close to non-existent for the second half of last week and I felt so weak and tired due to the stress associated with the impending race day that it was a struggle to push more than 200 watts at times!

Life got a lot less complicated as soon as Monday rolled around this week though, and I celebrated that fact by rolling out a 4.5 hour ride w/Dean (featured leading off the bike in the Gloucester Tri video below!) Monday morning and then following that session up with a distance swim Monday p.m. (in my fancy blueseventy point zero3+ speed suit). I followed those sessions up with my final long run of this Ironman progression: an easy 3 hour/25 mile run (Tuesday).

It's good to be back.

I'll take the next couple of days relatively easy (swim practice will not be easy tonight of course!), hit up some bike and run interval work between Friday and Saturday and then enjoy Nick Dufresne's wedding in W. Mass Saturday evening. Sunday will be one final long ride, executed out in the Berkshires, and then it's an easy week heading into Timberman; an event that'll serve as a tune up for the big day on 9/13. I do hope, however, that I have a little juice in the tank for Timberman as Chrissie Wellington was too close for comfort in '08! :)

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Unknown said...

she's looking real good this season Janda, but for some reason I think you'll find a way to make the gap a bit bigger this year. So psyched to see you race it seems like forever since your last one. Really hoping IMWI is a success, need a reason to travel to Kona for my hubby.