Monday, August 3, 2009

Good Block

I've managed to chalk up a couple more good weeks of IM prep; not the BIG numbers the full time pros hit mind you, but pretty good for a guy who's working full time. Some of the "keys":
  • 17 hours (over the course of the week) in the saddle 2 weeks ago, but those numbers were largely due to the fact that I didn't do all that much running that week (save a 21 mile long run and a couple of lesser run sessions) due to my knee flaring up.
  • A really nice 3 day "block" between this past Saturday and today that included: A quick tempo/fartlek track workout on Saturday morning + an eventful MTB ride Saturday evening; My chain snapped mid ride and I sat there alone in the woods, swarmed by mosquitoes wondering whether I should run or walk the bike home. I was feeling too lazy to run, so I used my "MacGyver" skills and reassembled the chain using 2 rocks. I'll leave it to you to figure out how I did that (hint: It's something a caveman would do, so I shouldn't be bragging). On Saturday, I joined Dean "The Machine" Phillips and M50 - 54 year old national 1 hour record holder Mike Pavlov for an extensive 70.3 pace session. I knew I was in a bit over my head when I clipped through the first 25 miles @ nearly 300 watts, so the numbers dwindled a bit in the final hour or so, but not by much: 285 avg. between min. 60 and 90 and 284 between 90 and 1:59:xx. I covered 50 miles in <2 hours @ an avg. of 290 watts. Not bad. I had a bunch of Gloucester Tri related meetings this morning, so I didn't get a chance to train until mid day. I capped this 3 day block with a 30k out around the Cape course. Between the mid day sun, hills and lingering fatigue, I can't say that I was moving all that quickly, but it was another solid endurance session in the tank, and that's what matters most.
Okay, time for an easy day tomorrow: A couple of easy hours on the bike and then a fun open water swim in the p.m. It's game on again effective Wednesday though.

Looks like I'll be on the sidelines for the Gloucester Triathlon. Given the fact that I'm the co-founder and that I designed the course, I feel that it is my responsibility to MAKE SURE that everything is in place for the 800+ athletes who'll be pouring into my beloved hometown this Sunday. I don't think that I could live with myself if something small was overlooked and led to an injury out on the course. I'll be that guy with the head lamp on cruising the course @ 5 a.m. on Sunday morning making sure that everything is good to go. I'm very excited about the big day. In a way, it'll be awesome to watch the event unfold from the sidelines; although I'll be missing out in some ways, it'll be a blast to see so many of my friends, athletes and comrades tearing through the streets of Gloucester. Good times ahead.

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Wess said...

Nice work Janda! I'm looking forward to Sunday. wish I could get up there Thurs nite for the ride around but family duty calls.

You're certain to be very busy Sunday but I'll try to say hello and introduce myself.

All the best for a great day!