Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"It's a Long Way To The Top...

... If you want to rock and roll"

I had one of those days where I asked myself, multiple times, why the hell I even bother. Giving up income, leisure time with family and friends, a comfortable lifestyle; all to pursue a masochistic sport that offers very little in the way of financial reward despite the immense workload that's necessary to even make a name for yourself. The trials and tribulations of trying to morph from a "pro" to a "PRO" triathlete (see Chris Bagg's Blog for an explanation on this one).

As I dragged myself away from yet another ass-whoopin', I mean swim practice, tonight (that saw us cruising through 400s during our warm up segment at 5 min. or under - I can't believe how easy 1:15/100 pace is getting) and pulled out onto rt. 128 to head north towards home, I was greeted by AC/DC's "It's a Long Way to The Top (if you want to rock and roll)" on WBCN.

That song pretty much sums it up.

Back to work in the morning.


Liam O'Connell said...

what is the alternative?

to go through life wandering what if? i think i would rather not wonder but know.

nice swim lastnight

April Bowling said...

I thought Chris' post was REALLY good...


GetBackJoJo said...

With a good swim you'll be unstoppable.
I think it's important that you pursue the dream. You're doing it! It won't be forever. You have your whole life to teach and become a dad and all that good stuff. Now it's time for this.

jwyman said...

Hey Janda, I'm only worried that you won't swim with me any more once you break thru to the other side. that ACDC song sucks... almost as bad a super hard, er, super bad!