Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dang It

I have patella tendinitis.

Not good.

The right knee has been giving me problems for over a month now and the combo of a hilly Muskoka course (not to mention the effort I had to produce to take 5th place up there) + my resuming training too quickly post Muskoka has left me with my first notable injury in years. I was able to run 30k over hilly terrain last Sunday, and laid down some solid training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, but today, the knee finally gave out and the pain forced me to walk the final 2 miles of my a.m. run.

Looks like I'll have to suspend all cycling and run training for a few days and give this thing a chance to heal. We have some nasty weather headed our way this weekend anyway, so good timing, I guess. I need to convert my old P2C into a road bike, so now I'll have a chance to do so.

Unfortunately, flare ups/injury/sickness are all part of the game. I've enjoyed 3 years of relatively smooth sailing and my fitness is high. I will admit that missing some training time pre-IMFL is a bit disconcerting, but better that I take the down time now vs. roll the dice, push on and risk blowing all of October and any shot at finishing in one piece on 11/01.

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Vince SJP CrossFit said...

Janda, Great press is this months issue of Triathlete. 5th at Timbeman and nice photo OP for Craft. Rest is good. Better to be under cooked than burnt. Vin