Sunday, April 27, 2008

Numbers Game

4/27/08: Pre-Comp Phase Over! Just finished up my last major 4 week block of Pre-Comp training today and things are looking good. I'm happy to report that I'm ahead of where I was at this time last year on all fronts and the numbers are right where I was hoping they'd be by this stage of the game. Although the average weekly training volume this past month was nothing out of the ordinary, the key sessions (and there were LOT'S of them) were frequent and intense. Time to give the body a one week break before ramping back up and doing what needs to be done to ensure that I'm ready to roll at Eagleman on 6/8.

In the mean time, a sample of the critical numbers from this past 4 week block that clearly indicate that it's time to race:

Average Weekly Training Volume:
  • 12,500 yards swimming
  • 9.5 hours cycling
  • 41 miles running

Key Swim Set:

  • 25 x 100 @ 1:12 - 1:13 (open turns - still can't do a flip turn!)
Key Bike Session:
  • 25 miles on the ECV TT course in 1 hour @ 70.3 goal wattage: 308 avg/311 norm (thank you PowerTap). Not bad considering high state of fatigue.

Key Run Sessions:

  • Around the Cape Course, 25k, progressive effort, executed 2 min. faster than fastest performance from 2007. You know you're getting fit when sub 6 min. mile pace for 10+ miles, over hilly terrain, doesn't seem very hard. Must have something to do with...
  • Track workouts/economy sets (started inserting into the mix this year): 16 x 1/4 mile float @ 72 on 2 min. I want to get this set down to 20 x 1/4 @ 67 on 1:45 by season's end.

And last but not least....

Fighting Weight:

  • 153 lbs. I'm skinny again.

Okay. Time for bed. Big week of business and teaching coming up. 8 weeks to go and then I'm a free man: Completely self employed, able to train like a full time Pro and living the dream!



AJ said...

That's not skinny!

6'-2", 143 lb Robert Cheruiyot is SKINNY!


JRM said...

True. Okay, skinny when compared to the rest of the US population!